PLAB 1 Exam Dates and Bookings in 2024

The General Medical Council (GMC) runs the exam four times a year in the UK and in a number of overseas locations.

Upcoming PLAB1 exam dates 2024

  • 15 February 2024
  • 23 May 2024
  • 8 August 2024
  • 7 November 2024

What is going to happen in 2024 exam?

In 2024, the GMC plans to make changes to the PLAB 1 exam in order to align it with the requirements of the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA). This process is expected to be completed during the year.

As part of this transition, the current PLAB blueprint will be replaced with the MLA content map in early 2024. If you have booked a PLAB exam spot in 2024, there is a possibility that your test will be based on the MLA content map. If this applies to your test, the GMC will notify you at least three months prior to your test date.

The MLA content map outlines the essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for practice in the UK. Since PLAB Part 1 and Part 2 are already designed to assess these areas, the overall standard of the test and the types of questions and stations used will not change. The exam experience for candidates will also remain the same. It’s important to note that the introduction of the content map should not impact any preparation that candidates have already undertaken for the PLAB exam. Additionally, previous passes in PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 will continue to be accepted by the GMC.

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